Steven Ridley
Vocals & Guitar lead
Steven Ridley touches his first guitar at the age of 4. British-French self-educated guitar player, he discovers his instrument with the sound of blues and rock music. He’ll perform for the first time with his musician family for private events, before joining emerging local rock bands and artists. In 2010, at 18, he becomes a student at the Music Academy International of Nancy (FR), where he meets Antoine Valvin, also a student in the drumming department. Quickly, Steven will be asked to play with many students and teachers in the Jazz section of the school. He’ll then compose and collaborate with the young singer-harpist Pia Salvia. The second chapter comes with the creation of « StevN », a one-man band, performing his own songs, with a guitar, his voice, and a loop pedal. More than a hundred gigs will follow during the next 2 years across Europe, mostly in Belgium, which turns to be his new homeland. As a result, Steven Ridley will finally creates his own band, gathering Antoine Valvin (drums), Anthony Beth (Bass) and Bruno Baudewyns (2nd Guitars). A powerful Alternative Rock with melody, soul, and deeply personal lyrics. On January 2020, his first EP « Between The Lines » comes to fruition, taking roots in the Indie/Rock musical landscape. One sentence represents the band: « No Stress, Only Groove » Stay closely tuned!
Anthony Beth
Anthony Beth, a native Belgian, was 7 when he began to play the piano. He later moved on to the guitar before finally adopting the bass guitar. He took his first steps in blues music before shifting towards funk and reggae, becoming the bass player of Deepculcha with David Corleone and Omar Perry. He subsequently became a resident musician at the Belga Queen in Brussels before shifting to the media production sector. He established the AB-Arts company in 2006, producing 3D and 2D animations, television advertisements and virtual and augmented reality video games. He joined Steven Ridley in 2017. AB-Arts is responsible for the band’s production, publishing and distribution. Together, Anthony and Antoine provide the Steven Ridley band with a powerful combination of bass and drum
Antoine Valvin
Antoine Valvin was 11 when he began to play drums alongside Didier Brunet in his home town of Nevers in France. He rapidly joins the big band of the local music school. In the meantime, he begins to develop his first musical projects and discovers the Paris scene. After an internship at the ‘Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood’, he meets Steven at the International Music Academy in Nancy in 2010. That year marks the beginning of their collaboration. They notably play alongside Belgian harpist Pia Salvia and in the music of various advertisements. He joins Steven Ridley in 2017 and actively contributes to the composition and arrangement of the band’s first album, Between the Lines. On stage, Antoine projects a powerful yet subtle energy which is sure to captivate you.
Bruno Baudewyns
2nd Guitar
Bruno was a teenager when he took up the guitar and numerous pop and rock classics. His passion for the guitar grew rapidly along with his interest in different styles of music. He went through Antwerp’s Jazz Studio and the jazz section of the Royal School of Music in Brussels, successfully graduating from the latter with a master’s degree and becoming a central figure of several collective guitar workshops. He also takes part in numerous musical projects: Sheke (jazz soul), The aiM (pop rock), In Lakesh (alternative), Azerty (folk), T-Lephone Export (rock), Pierres (‘Chanson’), Steven Ridley (rock) and many more. On the guitar, bass guitar or keyboards or contributing to the chorus, he takes part in many recording sessions and performs on stages all over Belgium. He is also passionately interested in the wider field of audiovisual production, and has contributed to the composition of film soundtracks and directed music videos and documentaries. In 2014, he created the Unisound Festival, a musical event dedicated to greater accessibility for the disabled. As second guitar, a major asset and solid backing for Steven Ridley!
Peter Soldan
Producer & Sound Engineer
The name of Peter Soldan resonates in every Belgian studio: a co-founder of the Dada Studio, one of the country’s largest, he is an icon of sound engineering. A few years after setting up the Blue Cry studios in 1989, his first musical production was for the legendary film C’est arrivé près de chez vous (‘Man bites Dog’). He shares his passion for sound at the SAE Institute, HELB and Insas in Brussels. He has mixed or produced many artists, including Machiavel, Vaia Con Dios with Jean Pol Van Ham, Manou Galo, Fred and the Healers and Maurane. He is the hero behind Steven Ridley’s incredible sound.
Between The Lines